Chicago’s newest dance center in the culturally diverse Rogers Park neighborhood.
7015-17 North Glenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60626     Call: 773-754-0192

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Studio News


Recital is Sunday, June 23 at 2:30pm. Save the date!

Summer Youth Dance camp is July 8-18th.  Click here for more details.  Must register by May 25th.

The ACM School of Music continues to offer piano lessons on Mondays and Saturdays for children and adults.
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Teacher Feature

Meet Jennifer Gage
It's time to meet a very important person at NorthSide Dance Theater. Jennifer Gage not only teaches many classes, but she is also one of the co-owners of the studio and the artistic director of Alliance Dance Company. Jenn is an encouraging and passionate instructor who teaches ballet, jazz, stretch, and social partner dancing.
Jenn started teaching in high school, as many young pre-professional dancers do.  After many years of dancing professionally, Jenn founded her own dance company, Alliance Dance Company.  She realized that Alliance needed a reliable and consistent rehearsal space in order for the company to grow, so NorthSide Dance Theater was born! The studio became a home for the professional company and an opportunity to offer a friendly and relaxed dance space to the community.  

The list of reasons that Jenn is so passionate about dance ranges from the physical to the artistic.  Teaching is important to her because she wants to share this passion with her students.  "I love sharing what I have discovered with those who also wish to discover the beauty," she says.

She appreciates how jazz and ballet are both precise, but in different ways. If you take Jenn's ballet class, you will experience a classical structure with emphasis on placement and correct execution of steps.  Jenn likes to take the structure of a ballet class and give it a spin to create her jazz classes, involving different isolations to create new steps.  

This well-rounded teacher instructs couples in different Latin and ballroom styles in NSDT's social partner dance classes.  The beginner level class has been especially popular.  The dynamic is focused but fun.  "Dance should be fun," Jenn exclaims.  "Enjoy the journey!" Judging by the laughter heard in the class, the students are without a doubt having a good time!

Jenn is an enthusiastic business owner and an encouraging teacher.  She wants to studio to have a family-like atmosphere and be a hub for dancing in the community, from the beginner to professional dancer.  Her words of encouragement for students of all levels are inspiring but realistic: "There is so much to learn.  Don't get discouraged.  Take every accomplishment as a step and every misstep as a learning experience." Expand your experience and stretch your boundaries with Jenn at NorthSide.


Free Class Feature

Sat, May 18 at 10:00am - Beg/Int Modern

This month's featured free class is the beginning/intermediate modern class on Saturday mornings.  This class, currently taught by Christine Thielke, provides students with a pool of modern technical resources.  Techniques that are used in this class include Limon, Graham, Dunham, Horton, Cunningham and Release.  Christine says that in every class you will "move, laugh, breathe, jump, turn, travel and partner the floor (and sometimes each other)."  Try the class for FREE on Saturday, May 18 at 10 am.





Alliance Dance Company - visit

 for more information on our resident dance company


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